Leveraging Technology to Boost Creativity

Providing solutions to three sectors of the digital entertainment industry


Post-production services
used by audiovisual media producers, distributors and video streaming services

Video games

Production and post-production tools
used by video game producers and localization studios


Tools to assist in the production of human and anthropomorphic facial animation



Leveraging more than 12 years of experience in consulting and management services, Technoleads has repositioned itself to provide solutions and services, which revolve around two major projects:

audio description service

• quality, speed, simplicity and savings
• digital voice
• optimized recording of professional voice talents

digital voice
voice recognition
image recognition

Technoleads has held the rights for the commercial use of CRIM’s intellectual property in the field of synchronous and broadcast audio description since 2016.  This service is marketed worldwide under the elokutio™ brand. 

AI-driven facial animation

• capture and index:
   text – audio – facial expression
• training of algorithms

facial capture
data indexing
artificial intelligence

Under the sensacio™ brand, Technoleads is developing a next-generation facial animation engine that leverages artificial intelligence. This project's goal is to foster creativity and optimize the pipelines of animated movie and video game production.



Technoleads Services Inc. is a Canada corporation established in 2005 to provide consulting services. Technoleads has become a service provider that supports media production lines.

Scientific research and experimental development (SRED) is in Technoleads’ DNA. Thanks to SRED, Technoleads is able to provide customers a set of innovative services and to differentiate itself in the market.

Technoleads  is located in the Computer Research Institute of Montreal (CRIM) and is one of its affiliate members. Such proximity allows for close interaction with the research staff, fosters exchanges and facilitates technology transfer.


The collaboration with the Computer Research Institute of Montreal goes back a long way. Our sister company, Indekso, owns and operates dubStudio, one of the very first commercial applications of CRIM’s R&D. And since 2016, Technoleads has held the exclusive rights for the commercial use of CRIM’s audio description intellectual property, a service marketed under the name elokutio.

Technoleads has exclusive rights of Indekso’s patented software dubStudio in the field of audio description, allowing for optimal recording for the human voice of elokutio™|pro.

Syllabes provides the audiovisual dubbing and game localization sectors with recording studio and casting services in the fields of media dubbing and game localization, as well as talent training.  It supports Technoleads with elokutio™|pro and takes an active part in the proof of concept of sensacio.


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